Mega Composites – Special projects services

From first design to finished product we have the expertise you need to complete your project .

If you have a product that requires Artisan craftsmanship , R&D or Composite design and manufacture then Mega are happy to help.

Established 25 years ago Mega  have a rich history designing, manufacturing and constructing composite products.
Multi world championship winning. We have designed sporting goods from boat building, water sports along with:

Motor racing parts
Car tuning parts
TV and film industry projects,
Marketing , displays , models and custom display signage
Record breaking projects (from Atlantic crossings to speed records to paper kayaks)
Custom car and bike parts
Alloy molds for roto molding and injection molding
High temperature molds for thermoplastic molding
Composite molds for production parts
Resin Injection molds

Specialist in Carbon fiber , Carbon Kevlar , foam core, vacuum molding , light weight high strength products.


Mega Composites part of Mega Kayaks Ltd